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Buon 2013 | Salviamo Peter Pan

Buon 2013

Posted by lapo2001 on dic 20th, 2012

Buon 2013

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17 Responses to “Buon 2013”

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    The last two years, “QiongYou” like a wave on both sides of the Changjiang River huobian. In the eyes of many young people, “QiongYou” is synonymous with freedom and personality. However, in the seemingly behind the scenes, it is a security risk. reporter Zhao while it is not prepared to take my daughter’s mobile phone. Although has been nearly sixty years of age, but the people of Beijing Liu Tong “hit” speed can be said to be “lightning”. however, daughter Zhang Huike was in no mood for mother good “skill” cheers, just graduated from university she frowned up and muttered “how you say don’t understand”. this is not due to a mobile phone and the “struggle”, which originated from Zhang Hui is the reply information. “of Kunming, take the Sichuan Tibet line or Yunnan Tibet line can be. Find a brave woman ride together, a man and a woman is relatively the most safe and most likely to take a taxi combination……” This “pick up” information currently appearing in a popular “QiongYou” APP, Zhang Hui is one of the responder. the “pick up” information, in Liu Tong seems like a time bomb, “the stranger and stranger, travel together, or ‘tour’, too dangerous, too terrible, too reckless.” In the information sent to reporters, for the daughter to “QiongYou”, Liu Tong used the most is “too”. Of course, followed by a certain is derogatory. Since the for a long time, domestic by shopping and expense items support tours is not in the minority, 2013 tourism law implementation, “zero negative membership fee”, compulsive shopping is banned, the travel agency must put the shopping and expense items hidden in profit in the tour, Beijing, Shanghai, Anhui, Shandong and other many travel agencies line prices than in previous years over the same period there are different degrees of rise. Under this influence, more and more young people began to keen “QiongYou”, it is with the least money to travel. some no money but still optimistic, love to travel the Europe younger people, “QiongYou” this concept by a German Chinese students present. After 2011, Chinese students launched a “QiongYou” heat, is not “QiongYou” white college potential. At the same time, all kinds of “QiongYou” Master have also become the “inspirational example”, and even popular network. however, seemingly fame “QiongYou”, are facing more and more problems test. scenery or infinite crisis “tour with relatively convenient save worry, but the schedule is too full, limiting too much.” Zhang Hui’s high school classmate Yang Han is worthy of the name “Backpackers”, Tibet, Yunnan, Sichuan, Vietnam, Singapore, Kampuchea travel, is she and friends all the way to “fight”, the longest travel time of 60 days. ” ‘tour’ can come into contact with many local people, understand more about the local customs and local culture, taste more authentic food, I think ‘Backpackers’ way to travel is a complete travel”. Although the Han Yang to a lot of friends introduced all sorts of advantages of “QiongYou”, but most people still disrelish a trouble, think they don’t have the time, do not bother to check Raiders. in fact, traditional and cumbersome “QiongYou” preparatory work is due to the rise of professional “QiongYou” website becomes simple. In Han Yang introduction, the reporter opened the a “QiongYou” theme of the site, through the “travel assistant, as long as the travel destination added, you can automatically generate the Raiders and travel notes, not only to recommend cost-effective Hotel and tourist attractions will according to the degree of from are listed in descending order. “this summer European tour had intended to offer tours, but now fares are too high, and these professional ‘tour’ website can provide companion, and a comprehensive strategy, I decided his backpack tour of Europe.” In many domestic “QiongYou” Yang Han told reporters. in the opinion of the Han Yang once “QiongYou” Jiangxi had to sleep on the train station, “sleep station chair is’ tour ‘most valuable experience and enjoyment”. however, it appears in Liu Tong are not “QiongYou” dangerous par. ” ‘tour’ is exotic, you look at the recent online the two trapped in the highway of the Russian female students, if there is no good police help, she would starve to death.” In the eyes of Liu Tong, consecutive similar case illustrates the risk of poor tour. February 17th, to China “QiongYou” Russian student Nicola trapped Beijing high-speed service area of Chibi. Hungry and penniless, he see the car stopped, want to take a free ride, language barrier can not get the help of others; monkey in the second day of the lunar year, a Russian female “backpacker” ride after trapped Henan high-speed, high-speed traffic police assistance, the female “Backpackers” set foot on the train. A few days later, and the girl, because of lost contact with friends, for several days did not eat her again trapped in Jilin. “is that they don’t have enough of the plan, and the language barrier.” Zhang Hui’s own reason. Liu Tong and seek to come to such a case: Holland a female “knapsack guest” during the time of traveling in Australia become “sex slaves”. A man to her imprisoned in the hotel, and repeatedly raped and abused. Even in her forehead carved a “ten” word, to show of her possession; Padova, Italy, a man with international tourism lodging websites that claim to provide free accommodation for young women, but took the opportunity to fall Rohypnol, the victim from around the world. “it is that they do not have safety awareness.” Zhang Hui continues to refute. car to Piedmont Road “fearless” Liu Tongjia debate continues. It does not seem to be a gap between the two generations, but the game “QiongYou” positive and negative . “QiongYou”, also known as a cheap travel, tourism economy, tourism destination information collection, according to its own conditions and tailored to the needs, the save travel expenses experience complete maximum experience of travel and tourism to tourism benefit maximization. “here ‘poor’ is not in the true sense of the economic poor, but tourists a idea to spend the least money, exhaust the world scenery, the pursuit of freedom of mind and action.” For “QiongYou”, Yang Han understood that. however, it is undeniable that the tourism safety is poor hot behind the worries. “So far,” QiongYou “emerging is the lack of policy protection and legal protection, and no security response mechanism.” As concern “QiongYou” national social science planning project fund project researchers, Su gratified said, traffic accidents, turmoil and conflict, natural disasters, social security and crime, fire and explosion, disease, tourists, is “poor Tour” security involves a few aspects. through research, Su pleased to notice, at present “QiongYou” showing several characteristics: “QiongYou” for the students; in front of the tourism will strict budget, mainly through the network access to the travel destination information; travel traffic choose cheaper train, bus or ride, hiking; diet tends to bring their own; choice of accommodation houses, family hotel, inn even comes with tent camping; visit with adventure and exploration properties; in tourist spending to try to save, focusing on the psychological feeling; have the best travel experience with the least money to pursue, and share “QiongYou” experience. “as a result, the ‘tour’ activities to meet some tourists exploration in pursuit of novelty and prove yourself at the same time, will be accompanied by the occurrence of safety accidents. “QiongYou” safety is the interaction of natural and human factors, and always the penetration in the tourism process.” Xin Wei Su said, “QiongYou” safety accident reasons mainly from three aspects: one is their own “QiongYou”, which belongs to the subjective reasons of “QiongYou”; the second is a tourist destination tourism environment and facilities; the third is the tourism destination management. in the visit, reporters noted, “QiongYou” before the trip will of tourism destination, weather conditions, social security and traffic conditions to fully understand, with reasonable arrangements for the route and itinerary. However, some “QiongYou” in the actual tour tend to temporary change in itinerary, especially with the adventure trip, did not fully understand the new rush forward. In Han Yang tells the once sleeping in the train station is because her temporary decided to change the itinerary, and does not agree with the accompanying “backpacker” “throw” at the train station. security preparations are often not subject to some “QiongYou” attention. When asked about Zhang Hui will be how to face the Sichuan Tibet line, physical condition, clothing and equipment, standing drugs, communications equipment and so on to prepare for what, a reporter from the the girl’s back part of skull and a sentence “car to the front there will be road” rhetoric “. “Hongbian the half the sky,” after the regulatory gaps although already has the “popular in the half the sky,” the trend, but at present “QiongYou” are still many regulatory beyond the scope of management. access to relevant information, the reporter noted, there is no relevant departments issued a special safeguard “QiongYou” security measures. “QiongYou” as a new, non mass of tourism, despite a few tourists respected, but from the perspective of economic interests of related parties generally lax management ‘tour’, are more reluctant to take the responsibility for safety of the ‘poor tour. ” Xin Wei Su said that the tourism administration department as a tourist safety management department, although the protection “QiongYou” tourism safety responsibility, but “QiongYou” as a new type of travel tour way, relevant departments currently there is inevitably management gaps. And “QiongYou” travel arbitrarily large, travel behavior not within the arrangement of tourism enterprises. Therefore, tourism administrative departments is difficult to the safety of real-time tracking and supervision and management. in this regard, Beijing Tourism Association Deputy Secretary General Liu SM told reporters, the relevant departments should gradually establish and perfect the “QiongYou” security early warning mechanism for the formation of a complete early warning system, “QiongYou ” safety pre warning system of responsible tourism safety information collection and analysis, strategy and information release and other functions, is the tourism administration department issued travel safety information, tourism safety and accident prevention organization. “QiongYou” safetywarning content should include: social security, early warning of natural disasters, weather warning etc.”. in the Soviet Union should build “relief, rescue system security QiongYou”. “QiongYou ” safety relief system is established for the implementation of the tourist rescue of the type of division of labor and cooperation work system, including with the tourism safety related to various organizations. The system includes tourist rescue command center, tourist rescue mechanism, direct and indirect peripheral mechanism of external agencies.” Xin Wei Su said that indirect outside institutions refers to those indirectly involved in the accident rescue departments, including the news media and communications departments, insurance companies, tourism and community, its role is after the claims, the supervision of public opinion, information transfer and help aid, these institutions can help “QiongYou” to reduce accidents caused by damage. in addition, liusimin told reporters stressed that “QiongYou” policy and safety regulations is “QiongYou” security is an important guarantee, “QiongYou” safety management provide the basis to guide and regulate “QiongYou” security system of early warning and rescue behavior. “” QiongYou “because of the time is not long, there is no specific laws and regulations to regulate them. Therefore, it is imperative to establish a ‘tour’ rescue mechanism and relevant legislation and strengthen government supervision, establish training ‘tour’ skills education system, strengthen publicity and education, improve the ‘tour’ of the security risk prevention awareness, and the ‘tour’ relevant insurance system perfect. ” Liu Simin said. editor: Chen Yan SN225

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    Original title: Media: Printed research since the nuclear submarine will serve a ship without bulletproof combat power [global military reports reporter Fan Chenyan] India’s first research nuclear submarine “annihilating nuclear submarines and other Indian research since weapons, have been infinite bounced, delays and failures from the. However, aboard the ill fated India nuclear submarine research, finally going service. According to Japan’s “foreign scholars” magazine website reported on February 24, India, local media said the Indian Navy’s first aircraft independent research and development of nuclear powered ballistic missile submarine wiped out, the first will be in the next month officially entered service. A senior India defense ministry officials said that all tests are passed, and some of the data is higher than expected, technically, the submarine had anytime service. The article said that the submarine and in secrecy of deep-sea diving training and weapon test and other tests in the waters near India. Due to the Indian Navy currently does not have to own a submarine rescue ship, so during the test had to rely on the Russian Black Sea Fleet submarine rescue ship epron, including the first missile test in October 2015. Article said the submarine will deploy K-4 type medium range submarine launched ballistic missile. The missile has a range of 3500 km can be equipped with nuclear warheads, by India’s defense research and development organization development and the submarine will be equipped with the k-15 submarine launched missile, range in the 700-750 km can also be carrying nuclear warheads. The submarine has four vertical tubes, which can carry 4 K4 missiles or 12 K-15 missiles. in addition, there is another kind of missile is being tested, which is 1000 km range

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    Cancel original title: canteen brush fingers channel county rural elementary school meal card students according to the fingerprint dining net channel station February 25 news (correspondent Li Shangyin) for 2 months 24, Tongdao County first “campus fingerprint dining system” in the teeth of Tunpu elementary school to settle down. The pupils only need to gently press on the fingerprint reader, we can realize the dining consumer payment. ” don’t have to worry about the child’s card is lost, the consumer by a fingerprint payment, is really good.” A witness to the student dining parents amazing to say. school director Ceng Linggao, former school of “campus card”, because some students for safekeeping, often losing card, card stolen brush phenomenon, serious impact on their study and life. In order to solve this problem, schools from the beginning of the period, send someone in the campus for students to establish fingerprint files, the fingerprint of students each entry system, students choose yourself more commonly used thumb or index finger into the collection. Parents in their children the appropriate account recharge, when students have a meal, just a finger, the balance of the card, real-time consumption be clear at a glance. to feel the effect of fingerprint dining, the thumb extends into the fingerprint identification area. The results show that “does not recognize, the balance is zero.” The canteen manager told the author, you have no fingerprints in the school, the account must be zero. The fingerprint is unique, and has wide application value in safety. The use of “fingerprint teeth Tunpu primary school dining system” is the first county in the channel. This fusion of campus and technology, is bound to the students to create a better future.

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    Original title: shepherd born without neck was abandoned popular network to find new owner recently, America is a German Shepherd Quasimodo burst red network. It suffers from a rare “short spine syndrome”, was born without neck, but very healthy. Previously, the master thought it strange appearance, it is discarded. Fortunately, Casey Modoo was the animal protection organization adoption, and soon found a new owner. # no shepherd # neck users: there is always a popular person to understand your new .

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    Original title: racquet hot per vehicle over 10 people bidding Sichuan Daily News (reporter Wu Hao Zhen Yu Zhong Yu Liu Wenzao) February 23 morning 10 when, the reform of provincial organs bus cancel vehicle (the first batch) online auction officially began, attracting from Beijing, Yunnan and other provinces of the intention of the buyer to sign up. According to preliminary statistics, as of 23 at 16:40, the number of 1801 people participate in the auction, the Internet has offered a total number of 565 people, average per car for the number 10.32. This batch of 110 vehicles automobile auction were divided into 11 groups, each group of 10 vehicles for bidding. Network bidding is unpopular and when the days of the highest car car is a car in 2003 registered Audi AU-DI A6L 2.4CVT. As of the date of 21 points, total have 206 registration concern. it is understood that the 24 day morning after 10, the auction of the bus will be one one publicity, can log provincial government services and Resources Trading Service Center website. editor: Li Tianyi

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